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Chicken soup should be at the heart of any diet of a person trying to heal themselves. Studies have found that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties and it is full of good vitamins.

The heart of any good chicken soup is, of course a chicken. You’ll also need water and one trick that makes the soup heartier is an acid of some type. I use Braggs organic apple cider vinegar. Some people use lemon juice, or other types of vinegar. It doesn’t really matter which type of acid you use, just that you use one. Creating an acidic environment causes the minerals in the chicken bones to leach out into the soup.

My recipe is as follows. I try and use the best ingredients that I can find (organic, locally grown, etc…).

1 Whole Chicken with or without parts. If it comes with the neck then toss that in the pot. It will help thicken it up.

3-4 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar (or other acid)

3-4 large carrots or 6-7 medium carrots cut up

2 sticks of celery cut up

Half a bunch of parsley

Bay Leaf

Salt and Pepper to taste – Personally I use a lot of both. Chicken soup tends to be able to absorb a lot of salt.

Put all of the above in a big pot and cover with COLD water. I’m not sure why it is important that the water is cold, but I’ve made soup using warm water initially and it didn’t turn out as well. Put pot on burner, cover, and turn on low for a minimum of 12 hours. I’ve cooked this soup on low for over 24 hours before and it does fine. When the chicken falls apart on its own when you touch it then the soup is ready.

Carefully take the chicken out of the soup and de-skin and de-bone. You can keep the meat for other uses and have a more vegetable based soup or add it back in for chicken soup. I’ll do either depending on my mood and both versions are good.

That’s it. Now you have a great batch of soup. This recipe can be modified many ways, but just remember the chicken, acid, and cold water and it can’t turn out too bad. I’ve used onions before with good results. Beets added to the mixture of vegetables didn’t turn out too well though. Have fun. Experiment. Be Healthy and eat your chicken soup ;)

It’s been a while since I have posted, so its time for an update. My health has been pretty good. I started a new job at the end of September. Things were a little hairy for a while from the stress, but Cabbage Juice, Yogurt and Chicken Soup carried me over for those couple weeks. I was doing really well until a week before Christmas when I got a cold that got my Crohns active. I work with a lot of women with little kids that are in day care. I love little kids, and want to have some myself someday, but they are little germ factories. Anyway, some cold I picked up at work got my immune system active, and my Crohns active too. Things are finally getting back to normal, but it took over a week to get over that cold. Apparently the “cold” this year was pretty bad. The thursday of the week I got sick my mom told me 1/4 of the kids at her elementary school were out.

I’m planning to be more active on here. Look for some posts on Cabbage Juice soon.

The purpose of science is to try and figure out the how’s of things.. how things work.. science wants fact and repeatability. Drug Companies want simple repeatability. They want a single patentable compound that will work in a predictable way through a known mechanism. The key word here is patentable. If it can be patented then money can be made off of it.. lots of money…. just look at what that last bottle of prescription medicine cost. If it can’t be patented or the patent runs out then money can be made, but in a competitive market with much lower profit margins….look at what the last bottle of Tylenol cost.

Drug Companies are the single most profitable industry in America, the top. Out of all the Automotive Industries, Wally-Worlds that get stuff cheap from China, hmmm, what else do we make now.. oh yea… weapons.. more profitable then the arms industry (our biggest export). They claim that the prices they charge are because of R&D, and advertising costs. I look at their profit margin and claim bullshit.

This is the way modern medicine currently works: Drugs are developed in a variety of ways-> they are tested heavily and if a winner is found they are marketed heavily toward doctors. Most doctors are not willing or do not have the time to read all the research journals so they get a one-way view of most drugs. Then they effectively act as salesmen. You get the prescription which you pay $35 for if you are lucky. When you get the bill for the 10 minute sales pitch it turns out you owe another $135. The prescription you take has a side effect that you have to take another medicine at $35/month.

I had a doctor tell me that I had to start taking Fosomax because I had been on and off of low dose prednisone. He didn’t order a bone density test. He simply said I needed to take this powerful drug that stops the natural calcium exchange that happens in your bones. I said hold on a sec, demanded a bone density scan, and it revealed that everything was OK. He had never mentioned Fosomax in my 8+ years of seeing him before and Fosomax has just come out a few years earlier. The company was trying to expand and was “finding new markets”.

It is time to: 1. Demand a universal healthcare system. A system where the drug companies are not made the most profitable in the country by fleecing its citizens. 2. Take our health into our own hands – Educate yourself.

The internet is such a great source of information on ways to get yourself healthy and ways to prevent disease in the first place. You must know your sources, but places like Pubmed offer free abstract searches of all the medical and science journals. See my links section and, of course read my blog ;) .

Diet has got to be one of the most important factors in health. Without the right supply of nutrients and minerals our bodies don’t function properly and disease sets in.

I base my diet on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet developed by Elaine Gotchall (sp). This diet cured her daughter of Crohns disease and has cured many others. You can see some of the testimonials here at the page for her book Breaking the Vicious Cycle .

The basic theory of the diet is that there is an upset of bowel micro flora (bacteria) that is causing inflammation and disease. If these bad bowel micro flora can be “starved”, and the dysbiosis resolved, then health will be restored. They can be starved by eliminating their source of food – complex carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates is another term for sugar molecules. There are lots of things that are composed of sugar molecules. Cellulose, the molecule that is responsible for the structure of most plants is a carbohydrate. Because of its structure we lack the necessary enzymes to break it down. Cows and other ruminants have “housing” for special bacteria in their stomachs. These bacteria have special enzymes that allow the cellulose to be broken down in to sugar molecules and then they can use the sugar for energy (or to get fatter..mmm).

The bacteria in humans guts can break down straight chain complex carbohydrates. We also release enzymes when we chew that help break them down. Table sugar, sucrose, is a chain of two carbohydrate molecules. The carbohydrates in grains, legumes, and potatoes are complex. That is, they are long chains that have to be broken down into single molecules before the body can absorb them. This is done by enzymes and bacteria in the gut.

The bacteria don’t do this for free, there whole goal in life is to reproduce.. (whose isn’t?) So as the complex carbs are broken down in the gut they are reproducing. This is fine for someone with normal bowel flora, but for a person with bowel problems the bad bacteria are the ones that are reproducing. So what do you do… cut out their food source… complex carbs… grains, potatoes, sugar. Honey is OK since it is composed of fructose and glucose. Both are simple sugars that can absorbed directly into the body. Most fruit is OK since the sweetness comes from fructose.

So the basics…. Starve the bad guys by eliminating complex carbs, replace the good guys by making yogurt, eat well to nourish the body – get healthy. I’ll do some more posts on what eating well means. Just because eating meat – protein – doesn’t feed bad bacteria, doesn’t mean a steak every night is going to get you healthy. Certain types of fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids and Chicken Soup with its amazing healing properties should get you off to a good start.

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